Publication (in German) of the Department of Architecture Urban Planning Landscape
Planning of the University of Kassel Volume 4

Whether in zoological gardens, parks, houses, streets or allotments – animals have always been actors in urban spaces that are imagined, used and planned by humans. While the modern city since the 19th century seems to be a functional space conceived purely by humans, the actual encounters between humans and animals and the occupation of urban space by animals increasingly pose a challenge for society as well as for science. Questions of spatiality and space are an important reference point for many disciplines: this applies to urban and landscape planning as well as to cultural, environmental and urban history or ethnology. The present volume brings the various disciplinary perspectives into dialogue with each other in three sections and overarching commentaries, discusses the various roles of wild and farm animals in the city and, last but not least, ideas for the design of animal-human encounters in various urban settings.

Hauck, T. E.; Hennecke, S.; Krebber, A.; Reiner, W.; Roscher, M. (2017): Urbane Tier-Räume, Reimer Verlag, Berlin.

The authors are Siegfried Becker, Marburg; Derk Ehlert, Berlin; Thomas E. Hauck, Kassel; Stefanie Hennecke, Kassel; André Krebber, Kassel; Wiebke Reinert, Kassel; Ariane Röntz, Kassel; Mieke Roscher, Kassel; Wolfgang W. Weisser, Munich; Clemens Wischermann, Constance; Anna-Katharina Wöbse, Gießen


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Thomas E. Hauck