As part of the construction of the new Triemli school and an extension to the In der Ey school, the outdoor facilities of the school complex are being renovated. The spatial situation offered good conditions for the application of the Animal-Aided Design method in the design of the open spaces and the buildings. The school complex is located at the foot of the Uetliberg in Albisrieden. The site is on a slight slope. In the north-western area, there is a large green space that forms part of a green and open space band from the Langgrüt green corridor to the Letzi school complex. Together, they form an impressive ensemble with high-quality green spaces and striking old trees. The building construction projects and the associated restoration of the outdoor facilities, the good networking of the open spaces with green areas in the surrounding area and the proximity to the undeveloped landscape provide great potential for the promotion of animal species. On the one hand, typical urban species were selected as target species for which the corresponding habitats can be created in the school complex. On the other hand, the project area borders on structurally rich residential areas with a small stream and the Uetliberg, which is rich in old trees. Species from these surrounding areas can migrate into the project area to complete all or part of their life cycle there. The open spaces of the Triemli and In der Ey schools are to become places where pupils, teachers and employees can experience nature and come into contact with animals. AAD is not only aimed at a mere coexistence of humans and animals, but also wants to promote the experience of animals and highlight the benefits of animals for humans.


Triemli / In der Ey, Zürich


City of Zürich, Office for Building Construction


Beatrice Grill, Thomas Hauck, Christine Jacoby, Qingyu Liang, Ariane Mutzel, Abdul Raheem


Qingyu Liang



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